Keenan grew up in Vancouver, Canada where the city meets the mountains. His parents were avid windsurfers, and taught him everything he knew about the ocean, predicting weather and riding a board.


Exploring every aspect of riding, from the water, to snow, to concrete, Keenan received an education deeply rooted in nature and especially the ocean. Inspired by his father and friends in the kitesurfing community he quickly developed an insatiable love for riding waves and spent every free moment searching for that feeling of riding the perfect wave.


Keenan discovered photography at age 14 and started shooting macro and landscapes on his adventures and kitesurfing trips to Mexico and Hawaii. At age 19, he worked as a construction photographer in Vancouver shooting industrial and residential projects while travelling back and forth to Tofino to surf and shoot photos whenever possible. He bought a van and moved to Tofino on a whim and a childhood memory knowing life would never be the same.


Motivated by his friends and acquaintances, he quickly transitioned from kitesurfing to surfing and constantly tested his fear and physical endurance to keep up with the rest of the pack. Tofino’s breathtaking landscapes and temperate rainforest presented an endless array of subjects to be captured. Influenced by the pioneers of Canadian surfing, Keenan and a handful of friends have travelled to remote locations in search of photogenic landscapes, and waves seldom surfed.


At age 21, Keenan decided to travel to Peru with a fellow surfer and shaper from Tofino and they both immersed themselves in the distinct culture and world class waves. They travelled the coast scoring perfect point breaks on surreal desert backdrops, learning a new language and gaining a new perspective on life and the sea.  They met photographers and surfers from every corner of the globe, each unique in their own way but all motivated by the same passion for the ocean.


Keenan started Tofino Surf Photography upon his return to Canada motivated to capture the amazing feelings and moments we experience in the ocean, and give everyone an opportunity to get in front of the lens so we can share these moments with family and friends, reflect on our riding and preserve timeless memories.